Recruitment is all about our understanding the clients business, the work environment, the manager that a new recruit would work with and the team they would be working with; this is the 1st stage of ‘FITTING’. If a candidate does not fit into the above then regardless of their experience, it is highly likely that a new recruit would not last long in the role.

Stage 2 is all about the job, the work and the environment that a new recruit would work in; for example if a candidate is easily bored then it serves no purpose putting them into an automated process driven role.

The same holds true if a role is very detailed, then a new recruit that is not organised or capable in working with detail, simply won’t last long.

In short, we need to:

  1. Understand you, the business, the environment & the role
  2. Understand the positives and the negatives of a candidate for your role.
  3. Put the two factors above together and we have the right beginning for your new recruit.

Our Science of Psychology; our technology with SAAS and our vast experience in recruitment, sales & customer service, at all levels across multiple industries, allow us to constantly deliver to clients and candidates alike.