Jo Stanton – Head of CX

It would be impossible to provide good customer service to any business, let alone the business of recruitment that has a huge number of different clients, industries, directors, HR, managers and staff in addition to thousands of candidates looking for new roles across the UK, without there being in place a top person to manage the customer service operation of People Maps Recruitment. (PMR)

Meet Jo Stanton

I first met Jo in 1992 when I was Sales Director at Telewest and she was part of the successful customer service team. Jo very quickly came to my attention; a committed hard worker and brilliant manner with all types of customers; the good one and the angry ones (That’s what customer services do). Working at high pressure levels was the norm for Jo and was always totally reliable in delivering what we, as a company what we needed and in addition, never not being forthcoming with ideas as to how to improve the operation.

Jo has always been involved in face to face, online and telephone customer service and since our first work together, she has run two successful different business and also a business support consultancy, helping north east SME’s with their strategies and recruitment needs.

Jo has several different roles with People Maps Recruitment; she is the first point of contact for clients and candidates alike; ensuring that all data is secure, maintaining an up to date presence on social media platforms and attending network meetings with myself. I could go on but suffice to say; she is my right hand and is the decision maker across all functions, last but not least she also keeps me totally organised.

I can proudly say, that Jo Stanton is a valuable asset to the business and her strengths will only grow and grow.