Tony Brown – Managing DirectorEstablished since January 2000

After over a decade in Northumbria Police serving in Newcastle upon Tyne, mainly in CID roles, I left in 1983 to explore the wider world. My first venture was eye opening in that I went into direct sales of Intruder alarms and whilst I obviously had the vast experience of crime and security, I knew nothing about sales. After selling nothing for 6 months and earning less in that period than I would have earned in the Police in a month; it was decision time ! My choices were to either make this work or go back into the Police. Well, my personality is of someone who doesn’t go backwards, so I set about learning just how to become a very good sales person and from there a Sales Manager & Director.

After watching lots of people showing me how not to do it; I read and read professional sales books and attended multiple development courses, until I achieved my goal and two years later, I became the sales manager of the Intruder alarm sales team and eventually increased sales and revenue ten fold.

Two years on, an a recruitment agency chap called Larry Roberts (Top Man) from Hestair Management Services (HMS) rang me and asked if I would like to be a sales manager at the RAC ? My immediate thought was “Oh no, not another uniform”. How wrong could I have been ! I joined the RAC and ran a sales team in the North East, then after two years success took over the largest RAC UK operation based in London. Not only did I get fantastic training and development, I enjoyed the trappings of success with several years hard work.

My career moved on at pace becoming a Sales Director at United Artists (then Telewest) now Virgin Media becoming the most successful sales, service and customer service in the UK. In 1998 I moved to Sales Director role with Scoot.Com, one of the 1st big Internet media platforms and thoroughly enjoyed running the sales operation for two years, which took me up to 2000 and again it was decision time. So my forte was running large £multi sales, support and customer service operations with up to 1000 staff and revenues of £100m+

What do I do with all of this knowledge, experience, training & development ? My choices were to become qualified as a Life Coach ( easy choice because I am fascinated by people and what makes them tick) and the second choice was to talk to businesses, understand their needs and how they wanted to grow and from there provide my trouble-shooting skills for businesses and then the recruitment of staff at all levels, across the UK and varied industries.

I love the recruitment business; so many different types of people and my aim is very simple; put the right people with the right managers, in the right companies, in the right markets. Simple ? To further my expertise I have been involved with for several years using personality profiling, which is beneficial to businesses and candidates alike and of course myself in identifying the right candidates for the right roles with the right companies.